February '10 Newsletter Headlines

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Green County Board Candidate Gets 32% of the Vote

Green Arlington County Board candidate John Reeder got 14,970 votes (about 32 percent of the 47,278 votes cast). This is an excellent showing considering that he got 23 percent of the vote in 2008. The results can be found on the Arlington County website.

Greens Sue to Stop Widening I-66

A motion filed January 20 in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia by three Green Party members has resulted in a delay of the ‘pothole’ construction (spot improvements) for several weeks, while awaiting the court’s decision. The plaintiffs have filed a motion for a summary judgment. The Arlington Greens Newsletter

Three members of the Green Party, Audrey Clement, (Co-Chair of the Virginia Greens) John Reeder and Josh Ruebner have filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Alexandria to halt Virginia’s plans to widen Interstate 66 in the guise of “spot improvements”.

Greens Endorse Year Round Homeless Shelter

Arlington Greens, together with activists associated with Arlington churches, as well as speakers from the homeless in Arlington, have presented a petition to the Arlington county board asking for funding a year around homeless shelter, and asking for the implementation of an employment program that would aid the homeless.

Sign Homeless Petition

If you wish have your name included in the homeless petition to be presented to the County board (see page 5), simply e-mail your name and address to:


Greens Oppose Gentrification of Columbia Pike

Developers and the County are working apace to gentrify the Columbia Pike corridor and move the current moderate income and fixed income residents out. As a part of the overall scheme, a cosmetic introduction of the Columbia Pike trolley is being put in place. Consultants make no attempt to hide the fact that the trolley is designed to increase real estate assessments along the pike with the aim of gentrifying the surrounding neighborhoods.

13,000 Affordable Units Lost To Redevelopment

Arlington County’s problems in insuring housing that middle income and fixed income residents can afford continue unabated.

Over 13,000 affordable units have been lost to redevelopment since 2001, with no end in sight of continued demolition and high lend construction. This figure does not even include the moderately priced single family houses that have been lost to McMansion building.

Greens Support Referendum To Change County Government

Arlington Greens have endorsed the Arlington Police and Firefighters and the Arlington Coalition of Police initiative to place a referendum on the ballot to change the form of county government to a county board plan, creating voting districts in Arlington.